Why Body weight exercises are not just for beginners 50% of what we do at Body Shape is body weight exercises, mixed in with some strength training using equipment.&
  So here's why we combine HIIT training and Strength training at our sessions.  What is HIIT- High intensity interval training.  This basically means we do
The Lose weight and get in shape without a diet system   Yes this might have you baffled, but it’s completely possible, in fact lots of people
How to set realistic goals and follow them through to completion.    When setting a goal, especially at this time of year when everyone is talking about
  January 1st marks the start of a new year and many people choose this as a great time to start a new project. It could be a
Why being outside in the winter won’t make you sick.. Quite the opposite in fact.  There is a very common misconception that being outside  for
‘I've learned so much about food I didn't know’    We hear this quite often at Body Shape Fitness.    As part of our fitness programme
There is a HUGE misconception that women who weight train will get bulky and overly muscular.  Now, women who want to get super lean and muscular and
Here at Body Shape Fitness in Ely, Cambridgeshire we use a combination of HIIT training and strength training.    So what is HIIT? - High intensity interval
  Mandy initially joined the Body Shape Family back in 2019. Unfortunately due to the pandemic she had to leave us for a short while but in 2022, she made
  Harry joined our 6 week challenge in January 2023, and i recently caught up with him to hear about his experience of the Body Shape Challenge. He used
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