Meet Paul. Paul was 100% committed to our Body Shape Fitness 6 week challenge and programme, resulting him coming out the end 2.5 stone lighter AND with 10% less body fat! An
Meet Gareth. Gareth annihilated our challenge at Body Shape Fitness in Ely, Cambridgeshire, and lost 18.5 pounds in just 6 weeks! Working with our personal trainers, following our simple nutrition
Meet Jill. Jill smashed the 6 week challenge at our personal training bootcamp in Ely, Body Shape Fitness. She got an INCREDIBLE transformation! Jill kept turning up to the
Meet John. John has completed Body Shape Fitness' 6 week challenge at our personal training bootcamp at Ely and had an AMAZING transformation! From showing high levels of commitment,
I had the privilege of taking my legendary client and all round awesome fella David Straiton's results and measurements just the other night. He has been attending our
Meet John, He's yet another MASSIVE success story at Body shape! He's one of a group of legend at our Ely training sessions, and he is absolutely
Hi, Tim here, just wanting to drop you another tip of the week, and make your journey to AWESOMENESS a little bit easier! And here it is! Ready?

Don't let it be

09 Aug 2018
Yoooooo! What’s up? Tim again, and this week I’d like to talk to you about something that comes up with my clients fairly regularly
Everybody loves GREAT results right? OF COURSE THEY DO!!!So let's look back at Gaynor's results with body shape fitness camp, because she did INSANELY WELL and the
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