So just last week ALL of our lovely clients here body shape fitness camp in Ely came and trained with a pumpkin!   Some even dressed up for
Man I get some sugar cravings sometimes! Especially in winter :-|   Sucks doesn't it?   You want to get in shape OR at least  maintain your
Words From Tim Megginson, Ely Personal trainer...   You may not know this about me,    But when i was 19 I caught a strain of bacterial
SUPER inspiring story today from fitness bootcamp in Ely!    there was tears involved!    About someone that has become a bit of a
So here at our Fitness Bootcamp in Ely  We don't only give our clients exercise sessions with an Ely Personal Trainer.  We also provide them
    So I have trained over 1000 people, I have helped HUNDREDS of people get slim and happy!   You can take a look at our suucess
  Ok I hold my hands up.  I'm guilty!   AND there's a lot of evidence to prove it too!   After all. That's what
  you probably weren't expecting this,   but my number 1 tip for you and your weight loss (after helping people for nearly 10 years) is this...   START, &
If anybody reading this has had laser eye surgery they'll know I mean...    It's kind of intense and it's weird feeling tbh.       Eyes
  So I was telling somebody a story earlier about when I used to work on building sites  back in the day.    I remember one
  So it's not to often I spend time watching the TV these days But the other night, I caught an old episode of a show I've
  So the subject line then.... it's TRUE.  You see, a couple of years back (about 7 to be precise) I started a 'getting lean' 
So today I've got a truth to share you... And that is. I LOVE chocolate! ​​​​​​ Yep, I just said that! I have a
  We are NOT a “bootcamp”…. A lot of clients and friends call our Body Shape group training program‘Ely bootcamp’ and we
1. Eat for health.  But what is healthy, tricky one right? We’re often fooled into thinking if something is ‘low fat’ or ‘less
SUPER inspiring story today!    About someone that has become a bit of a superstar at body shape fitness boorcamp here in Ely recently!  &
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