For those of you who haven’t already met this Body Shape Fitness Camp LEGEND, allow me to introduce you to Shaun. He recently took part in
Hey! Here's 3 GREAT tips to help you achieve FAST results for that beach body you're aiming for! 1 - Do resistance training. Let me explain. Don't let that techno
Check out Ryan Creaks before & after photo transformation!  In our recent 6 Week program at Body Shape Fitness Ely. - 18.5 POUNDS LOST - 10% BODY FAT
Introducing one of our awesome body shape fitness camp members   Emma Hall   You may have seen a recent video on our facebook of Emma.   
So just last week ALL of our lovely clients here body shape fitness camp in Ely came and trained with a pumpkin!   Some even dressed up for
Man I get some sugar cravings sometimes! Especially in winter :-|   Sucks doesn't it?   You want to get in shape OR at least  maintain your
Words From Tim Megginson, Ely Personal trainer...   You may not know this about me,    But when i was 19 I caught a strain of bacterial
SUPER inspiring story today from fitness bootcamp in Ely!    there was tears involved!    About someone that has become a bit of a
So here at our Fitness Bootcamp in Ely  We don't only give our clients exercise sessions with an Ely Personal Trainer.  We also provide them
    So I have trained over 1000 people, I have helped HUNDREDS of people get slim and happy!   You can take a look at our suucess
  Ok I hold my hands up.  I'm guilty!   AND there's a lot of evidence to prove it too!   After all. That's what
  you probably weren't expecting this,   but my number 1 tip for you and your weight loss (after helping people for nearly 10 years) is this...   START, &
If anybody reading this has had laser eye surgery they'll know I mean...    It's kind of intense and it's weird feeling tbh.       Eyes
  So I was telling somebody a story earlier about when I used to work on building sites  back in the day.    I remember one
  So it's not to often I spend time watching the TV these days But the other night, I caught an old episode of a show I've
  So the subject line then.... it's TRUE.  You see, a couple of years back (about 7 to be precise) I started a 'getting lean' 
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