I listened to a podcast yesterday and it was about a gym owner who was speaking to an audience

If you double a

11 May 2022

If you double a penny every day, you'll be a millionaire within 28 days...

What's that got to

Top 5 Reasons You Can't Keep The Weight Off (it's not the left over Easter eggs!)

Losing weight

This time of the year often gets people people a bit blue, when dealing with long nights and cold

Healthy Habits All Year Round – How?

It’s coming to

Ely’s Best Weight Loss Option?

You’re local to Ely and you’re thinking

3 benefits of exercising with other people in Ely

The benefits of exercising with other people,

Horror films... long dark nights... ghosts... children knocking on your door demanding sugary treats...

Many people do not know the benefits that a personal trainer or fitness coach can provide.


Training outdoors gets you better results!

That is the number one reason why here at Body Shape

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