One step at a time... Not the whole staircase!

  • Update: 30/04/2020

Take one step at a time towards your end goals! 

Sometimes looking at the whole 'staircase' can appear overwhelming and daunting... 

However, if you take it one step at a time and break down the bigger goal into smaller ones, not only does it seem more doable but before you know it you've climbed the entire 'staircase' and reached your end goal! 

e.g. say you want to lose 20 lbs...

Focus on losing those first 5 lbs, then once you've achieved that, the next 5 lbs and before you know it those 20 lbs are gone! 

e.g. say you want to run 5k in 22 minutes...

Focus on dropping a minute from the 35 mins it's currently taking, then another minute and before you know it you'll be running 5k in 22 mins!

This "taking one step at a time' applies to everything!

Keep up the great work team! Super proud of all of you!