Emma's Incredible Transformation Story!

  • Update: 24/02/2020

Emma Lost 20 Pounds

Other benefits/results (other than weight loss)

"I just felt more positive overall"
"I'm eating healthier"
"My waistline shrunk hugely"
"My clothes fit so much better"
"I'm fitting into clothes i haven't worn for years"

Where was Emma before?

"I wasn't in a very good routine, I had no routine really.
"I wasn't really planning ahead, my diet was a lot of convenience food..."
"I was fairly active, walking and school runs, but that was all"

Where is Emma now?
"Your programme has taught me how to plan ahead and do my shopping ahead of time"
"I've cooked some amazing meals!"
"I enjoy my food a lot more now!"
"I don't feel like i've been on a diet at all, I feel like i've been eating a lot more tasty food... I'd never call it a diet as I've just enjoyed everything i was eating"

What did Emma enjoy the most?

"I was buzzing the rest of the day, felt really positive, it is just such a good feeling!"
"I loved making friends, i didn't know anyone and it was nice to turn up and have a buddy next to me!
"Having everyone encouraging you to go on, I didn't feel on my own but felt like everyone was supporting one another"

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