Our High Profile Client!

  • Update: 17/02/2020
Cupid is SO selfless!

Always working extremely hard today on Valentine's day to try and make sure people are falling in love everywhere around the world! 

Like many of us, he's always too busy putting other people first, and fails to prioritise his own health, fitness, well-being!

Now we all know Cupid can't shoot himself with his arrow, so he came to us for help to get him looking sexy for the big day the other day! 

So we said we would help him, how? Well by giving him an amazing body transformation! (Not sure if you remember our previous high profile client around Christmas time... 

Cupid is no different to any other client we've ever had! What we did for him, we do for everyone...

We trained him 3 x a week at our group personal trainer led sessions!

We gave him a flexible and personalised nutrition programme, which allowed him to still eat the chocolate and drink the beer BUT still get amazing results! Simply by learning the life skills to be able to balance out your nutrition!

We made sure he flew and came to the sessions he was booked in for... offered 24/7 support and advice regarding his nutrition... giving him an enormous support network to ensure he continues to pursue his goals!

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