Best Body Transformations of 2019! Paul

  • Update: 12/12/2019

Best of 2019! 

Paul's transformation had to receive a spot on our list! Losing an enormous 35 pounds and 10.5% body fat on our 6 week challenge!

The secret to Paul's transformation was exercise and nutriton, and quite rightly, as he said "It's as simple as that".

Since doing the challenge, Paul now feels fitter and can play with his 2 year old and run around all day! He's made new friends and actually says that the people down at the sessions were the best part of the whole experience!

The magic formula for this AMAZING transformation was simply exercise and nutrition... you probably knew that already? Possibly already think you're doing exercise and watching your nutrition? Potentially wondering why you aren't seeing similar results in a similar period of time?

To quote Paul, the "6 wks is not that hard to do" and yet in just that time, Paul achieved this incredible transformation!

So, how can WE help YOU achieve an UNBELIEVABLE transformation?

> We tailor a non-restrictive, non-depriving nutritional programme around you. Teaching you the skills to allow you to continue to enjoy whatever you fancy, whilst still getting results!

> We train you at our Ely group bootcamps 3 times a week for 45 minutes. Where no ego's are involved, just a group of people all equally working towards a leaner, stronger, fitter version of themselves.

> We offer you constant support and coaching, allowing us to optimise the programme to you and therefore achieve your maximum potential!

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