How did he do it????

  • Update: 12/04/2019

I had the privilege of taking my legendary client and all round awesome fella David Straiton's results and measurements just the other night.

He has been attending our fitness bootcamp in Ely for the last 5 months now, challenging himself to be the best he can be, and work harder and harder each session, and the best part? He absolutely LOVES it!

So without any further ado, let’s talk

Drum roll....

He is now 5 months in to the Body Shape Personal Training programme in Ely, and has totally dedicated himself to it.

So, how did he do it? Well it’s goes a little like this.

- 3x group personal training sessions a week

- Healthy eating (Tasty and nutritious foods that are AMAZING!)

- Support from dedicated coaches and health EXPERTS

He has literally gone from a man that just ate anything on the go, to somebody who’s followed our nutrition plan and has permanent healthy eating habits. He feels FITTER, HEALTHIER and STRONGER for it too! I could talk and talk about his progress and the amazing results he achieved working with an Ely Personal trainer.

But check out the photo below for yourself.
✅ 5 months progress
✅ 5 CLOTHES SIZES LOST!!! He has gone from a 44” to a 34” waist!

Just wow!


By Tim Megginson
Body Shape Fitness Bootcamp in Ely
Ely’s Elite Personal Trainers