The Moment That Changed My Life (Near Death Experience)...

  • Update: 26/10/2017
Words From Tim Megginson, Ely Personal trainer...
You may not know this about me, 
But when i was 19 I caught a strain of bacterial meningitis and I nearly died!
Many people die from this illness every year! 
Yep death! 
How insignificant do all your problems become when we look at things from that perspective?
there i was > a worried, anxious teenager, no direction, no purpose, no prospects, 
And there i was looking at death from a hospital bed with doctors and nurses around me wearing masks!
Funny how that kind of a thing will give you a HUGE shift in your focus. 
Fast forward a year from then. 
Gained my health back
Changed careers 
Helped others 
Got direction 
Got my focus 
Improved my body dramatically 
You see I believe everybody can make that one change they desire 
I think we are all put things off 'until the time is right' 
And occasionally we need the reminder that our days are numbered and the time will never be right
AND we don't truly know how much time we actually have 
If you were faced with death what might change for you?
"Carpe Diem" 
seize the day. 

If you've got goal, you want to do something to make you feel happier


Life is too short to question your happiness. 

Speak soon 
Creator of the first Fitness Bootcamp in Ely, Body Shape Fitness Camp