4 Ways To Stop Sugar Cravings...

  • Update: 07/11/2017
Man I get some sugar cravings sometimes! Especially in winter :-|
Sucks doesn't it?
You want to get in shape OR at least  maintain your progress, but all your brain wants to do is eat the wrong foods.
Well amigo here is 4 little tips to help remove that urge...
1. Coconut oil. If your cooking requires any fat always use coconut oil. I hate coconut (bountys and malibu’s are rank for me) but this stuff is awesome and isn't “cocnutty”! (i even eat the odd teaspoonful). And I HATE bounty's! 
Coconut oil has SO many health benefits. But for sugar cravings the natural lauric acid kills micro organisims in your gut that live off (and make you crave) sugar. 
2. Cinnamon. I put this on omelettes, in smoothies and on plain yoghurt. (add a sprinkle in your tea too)
Cinnamon is great because it tastes sweet  so it can add awesome flavour to some of your meals AND it helps control blood sugar ups and downs. When you control blood sugar you can control cravings. 
3. Omega 3 Fish Oil.
Fish oil is Super Duper Healthy. It also has an effect on balancing your blood sugar. If you’;re not eating a fair share of oily fish, have a fish oil supplement as a back up for yourself.
4. The Sugar Craving Trick.  (ninjas only)
If I'm craving sugar badly, I get a spoonful of either coconut oil OR Fage Total Greek Yoghurt and put a thin layer of cinnamon on the top and get it in me.
By Tim Megginson 
Leading Ely Personal trainer 
Owner of Body Shape Fitness Camp - Bootcamp in Ely since 2010