1.1 ‘Body Shape Fitness Camp’ is a fitness programme consisting of a minimum of 3 exercise classes per week, nutritional guidance, and membership to our online support group. 

1.2 ‘Fixed Term’ means the fixed length in months of the membership as agreed at  the date of registration. Typoically a fixed 6 or 12 months in duration. 

1.3 Whilst the 'Fixed Term' last for an upfront minimum commitment in time agreed at the beginning of the mebership  our ELITE membership lasts until the member wishes to cancel and automatically moves onto a rolling monthly membership thereafter 


2. ‘One Off’ Membership

2.1 A One Off membership entitles the Body Shape Fitness Camp Member to a single duration membership taking place on the dates, times and at the location specified at the time of registration.

2.2 Included services AND goods in the 'One-Off' Membership Purchase / Cost 

As part of the 'One-Off' Membership Purchase clients will also receive:

  1. 1 x training/workout t-shirt 
  2. 1 x team attending wrist band


3. ELITE Membership

3.1 An Elite Membership entitles the Body Shape Fitness Camp Member to Body Shape Fitness Camp sessions which take place during the term of the membership at the location specified at the time of registration the minimum sign up commitment as stated in the contract.  

3.2 An ELITE Membership is not transferable across al Body Shape Fitness Camp Locations.

3.3 An ELITE membership is has a specified term minimum commitment in which members will be expected to pay the fee every month for the whole duration.

3.4 Included In The Elite Membership Purchase / Cost As part of the Elite membership purchase clients will also receive:

3 x fuirther training/workout t-shirts per 12 months 

1 x water bottle 

4. Refunds and Cancellation

4.2 An Elite Membership cannot be cancelled during the Fixed Term, failure to make payment during the 6 month period will result in a monetary shortfall which will be charged to you for the membership period. 

4.3 On expiry of the Fixed Term The ELITE mebership does then continue on a month by month basis until cancelled by giving one months notice in writing or personally addressed email.

4.4. Special Circumstances at Providers Discretion 

4.5 Freezing Memberships: If a Body Shape Fitness Camp member gets an unexpected injury or  illness, or special circumstance during a membership fixed term, they may be entitled to freeze their membership this is at the discretion of Body Shape Fitness Camp. Body Shape Fitness Camp members are only eligible to freeze their membership if they have a doctor’s note: the membership can then only be frozen for the duration of time on their doctor’s note before returning to complete the duration of their membership. We must see a scanned, live or photocopied signed doctors note for this to be awarded. In the case of a 6 month membership time may be awarded at the end of the membership periods while payments resume.

4.6 Loop Hole. If you do decide you really want to leave your membership early because of unexpected reasons. You can do so but you have to pay a 'buy out' fee of the price of a Single Month ASny Time Mmebership of £99 for every month attended during your membership to that date. 


5. Health and Safety

5.1.The Body Shape Fitness Camp Member shall notify their instructor if they suffer from any health conditions or injuries.

5.2. Body Shape Fitness Camp shall not be liable for any loss or injury attributable to: (i)The fault of a Body Shape Fitness Camp Member; (ii) a third party unconnected with the provision of services provided by Body Shape Fitness Camp; (iii) events which neither Body Shape Fitness Camp nor their suppliers or agents could have foreseen or forestalled even if they had taken all reasonable care.


6. Money Back Guarantee

6.1 The 100% money back guarantee applies to ‘One Off’ Memberships only and only for the first month a member attends.

6.2 To qualify the Body Shape Fitness Camp Member must have attended every exercise session. They also need to have provided head office with all of their measurements and photos at the begginning and during the incraments advised on the programme. They must also follow the set out advice given to them in the programme and nutrition programme. The client also needs to notify us as soon as possible if they are not seeing changes in their comparative measurements so we can provide them with indivdual help. It should be noted that the client must ensure head office has been made aware at the first stage of their measurements should a change have not been made. We cannot take responsibility after the event if we had not been made aware during the process. Head office can be contacted at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

6.3 If a Body Shape Fitness Camp Member qualifies for the money back guarantee they shall be entitled to a full refund of the membership fees paid by them.

6.4 Money Back Guarantees are only issued if the member has completed all of the above and then raised awareness of their dissastisfaction and provided within 1 day (24 hours) after the completion date of the firs months membership they attended. 


7. Intellectual Property

7.1 Any marketing, educational or other materials produced by Body Shape Fitness Camp and made available to Body Shape Fitness Camp Members will at all times remain the property of Body Shape Fitness Camp and will be subject to copyright. The Body Shape Fitness Camp Member undertakes not to copy, publish or reproduce any such materials.


8. Business Promotion

8.1 Under NO circumstances is Body Shape Fitness Camp to be used as a business networking or promotion opportunity. We also have a very strict policy against the promotion of ANY middle level management schemes within Body Shape Fitness Camp especially for the sale of nutritional supplements or resale schemes. Nutritional supplements recommended by Body Shape Fitness Camp are the ONLY ones we recommend and have been prescribed through countless research and real health expertise from industry specialists/professionals.  ANYONE found to be using Body Shape Fitness Camp as a networking, upselling or reselling opportunity, will be made to leave without ANY further notice whatsoever and NO refund will be given, if on our ELITE membership recurring payments may be cancelled for subsequent months. We have strict policy against the promotion of ANYTHING with a conflicting interest to Body Shape Fitness Camp this will be made very clear and will not be subject to discretion. 

8.2 From time to time Body Shape Fitness Camp may give individual one time permission for individual businesses to promote internally to Body Shape Fitness Camp, this is strictly on a signed permission basis and will not include anything with a conflicting interest to Body Shape Fitness Camp.

9. 6 Week Body Tranformation Challenge Memberships 


***CLIENT RECOGNISES and AGREES to the following statements***

DOCTOR APPROVAL: I have represented to Body Shape Fitness that I have either a) been given a Doctor’s permission to participate in the Training, or b) voluntarily participate in the Training and all risks related to the Training without the approval of my Doctor(s). I represent that I am not aware of any medical or physical condition that would prevent me from participating in the Training or from using equipment or facilities, which pose a serious health risk to me. I further acknowledge that Trainer has relied on my statements as being accurate and complete, as a condition to entering into this Agreement. I further acknowledge and agree that I am not obligated to participate in any Training that I do not wish to participate in. I will inform Trainer immediately if I do not wish to participate in any specific Training.

 MEMBERSHIP DURATION: I understand that my initial membership will last for a total of 6 weeks from my start date

RESCHEDULING / MISSED SESSIONS: I understand missed sessions do NOT carry over into the next week or phase and that I am responsible for attending all of my sessions. 

NAME AND LIKENESS RELEASE: I understand that Trainer may photograph or video me prior to, during the delivery of, or at the completion of Training and I agree to allow Trainer to use photographs and videos of me, as well as name and likeness for promotional purposes. 

FREE PROGRAM – MEMBERSHIP BASED: I understand that upon successful completion of the program, should I choose to remain a member, my initial payment will be taken off a 12 month membership at the end of my initial 6 weeks by reducing my membership by £25/mo for 12 months

FREE PROGRAM – RESULTS BASED: I understand that by hitting my target of losing 18lbs or 6% body fat and adhering to all terms of successful completion, over the course of my 6 week program, I am eligible for a full refund should I choose this option


As part of my accepting one of the very limited spaces on this coaching program, I agree to all of the following terms of this agreement and accept that not adhering to any of the following terms will mean my deposit becomes non-refundable.

  1. Attend 3 x training sessions per week at Body Shape Fitness
  1. Stick fully to the nutrition program as set out including our weekly online education videos

  2. Post a photo food diary of what you are eating in our Private Facebook accountability group and also macros after week 1. 
  1. Send basic measurements & weight in to the trainer every week as shown
  2. Make us aware ASAP if you need any further assistance
  1. Check in on your personal Facebook and Tag ‘Body Shape Fitness’ and Tim Megginson once a week 
  2. Provide progress photos (full length - one back, one front, one side, both at day 0 and at the end of the 6 weeks) and allow these to be used for promotional purposes. FINAL PHOTOS AND MEASUREMENTS TO BE SUBMITED WITHIN 1 DAY OF PROGRAM COMPLETION
  3. Make a Video Testimonial at our Body Shape HQ, A Google Review and Facebook Review at the end of the program and allow these to be used for promotional purposes. 
  1. Lose either 18 Pounds in Weight OR6% Body fat. To be measured at Body Shape Fitness HQ
  1. Complete 3Weight & body fat measurements at Body Shape Fitness1. Before the program begins, 2. Half way through the program. 3. At week 6. Acknowledge the results as measured determine the completion of the challenge. TO NOTE: Final reviews and testimonials should be completed within 7 days of challenge competition date.