2 Clothes Sizes Dropped By Jon In 6 Weeks! How?!

  • Update: 04/11/2019

Meet Jon.

Massive congrats for losing 2 FULL clothes sizes and a HUGE amount of body fat AND packing on some lean muscle on his arms!

Jon recently CRUSHED our 6 week transformation challenge and got KILLER results but what we absolutely LOVE the most is.... After 30 years on the habit we were able to help him quit smoking (credit goes to Jon for the hard work) but I’m SO glad he has done that!!

His words to describe the program? "LIFE CHANGING"... don’t just take my word for it though... see what Jon had to say for himself... 

Now, how did we get Jon this life changing transformation?

It's simple. 

We trained hi 3 x a week for 45 minutes, we coached him through an individualised, simple and easy nutrtitional plan and we also gave him constant support and encouragement. 

We can do the exact same for you. 

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