Katherine's Weight Loss Of A Stone In 6 Weeks

  • Update: 16/10/2019

Meet Katherine.

Katherine Lost A Stone!

She also lost 6 % body fat and 41 cms from her body!

In her own words;

"I saw exercise as a chore but now really enjoy it, I really like seeing the progression in myself!"

"I enjoyed the whole energy and atmosphere of the group, everyone was really welcoming and friendly."

"I was a yoyo dieter, I would lose weight, gain weight, and I just wanted something to stick with!"

Yo-yo dieting is SO common! Why? Because with 'diets' you restrict and deprive yourself and eventually reach a breaking point and fall off the diet. Events like christmas, holidays, birthday party's etc, they all come up and when they do, these restrictive 'diets', don't offer enough flexibility to allow you to enjoy these events and enjoy life, without feeling like a failure with your nutrition!

On the 6 wk challenge here at Body Shape Fitness, we;

- Give you an individualised simple nutritional programme which teaches you the life skills to be able to enjoy these life events and the 'naughty' treats, whilst still seeing INCREDIBLE results!

- Train you 3 times a week for 45 minutes at our group personal training sessions

- Offer you constant encouragement and coaching to ensure you achieve your goals!

To see more success stories go here - https://www.bodyshapefitnesscamp.co.uk/success-stories