20 Pounds Lost In 6 Weeks By Emma

  • Update: 11/10/2019

Meet Emma.

Watch the video below for Emma's full reflection on her Body Shape experience. 

Emma - “I had no routine at all, I wasn’t planning ahead, my diet was convenience food.”

However, Emma came on board our Body Shape Fitness 6 Week Transformation Programme and completely changed her life! Losing an incredible 20 pounds in just those 6 weeks!

To achieve this fantastic transformation Emma; attending 3 x 45 min group personal trainer led sessions a week in Ely; followed our simple yet effective nutritional advice; and let us help her out and support her whenever she needed it.

Now regarding the exercise, Emma self-admits that she was “not an early morning person”, but she chose the early morning session time to attend and in her own words, “I really enjoyed the early sessions, I was buzzing the rest of the day, felt really positive, it is just such a good feeling!”

Emma said “your programme has taught me to plan ahead, I’m enjoying food a lot more now and I don’t feel like I’ve been on a diet at all. I would never call it a diet because I was enjoying what I was eating and I was still eating a lot of food!”

How does Emma feel now?

“I feel more positive overall, eating healthier, my waistline has shrunk hugely, my clothes fit so much better and I’m fitting into clothes that I haven’t worn for years!”

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