Dan Lost 19.6 Pounds In Just 6 Weeks!

  • Update: 02/10/2019

Meet Dan.

Dan lost 19.6 POUNDS in 6 weeks!

SO happy for Dan for his life changing results on our program! All round super nice guy and very loved Body Shape Camper, Dan really did awesome...

He joined to get back to his former glory, after leaving the military and falling into some bad habits over the years. Body shape has helped him trim right back up but also gain a brand new mindset, lifestyle perspective and motivation!

He explains his transformational journey in his video testimonial below.


So how did we help Dan get this INCREDIBLE transformation? 

> Coached and supported him through a simple and tailored nutrtitional programme.

> Trained him 3 times a week for 45 minutes at our highly motivating group bootcamps

> Offered accountability throughout the whole programme, ensuring he continued to strive towards his goals

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