How Did Nick Lose 18.3 Pounds AND 6% Body Fat In 6 Weeks?

  • Update: 23/09/2019

Meet Nick. 

Nick started self-admittedly unhealthily and overweight.

He joined our programme and committed to it 100%, the result?

  • He now eats much healthier food
  • Feels much more energetic
  • No longer gets tired in the evening
  • Has reduced back pain
  • Feels like a completely different person
  • Lost 18.3 pounds and 6% body fat!!!

So a HUGE congratulations to Nick, we are super happy for him! Check out the video below where he tells you all this and more!

If you're thinking to yourself, those results sound AMAZING and you would love to get the same... IT IS POSSIBLE and we will support you every step of the way to ensure you get the transformation you want and not only that, but we will keep it as simple and as doable as possible!

6 weeks is not a long period of time to get you the body you've always wanted and during those 6 weeks we will have installed so many habits into your day to day life, eating healthy and exercising will not only be the norm, but will also be doable and ENJOYABLE! Don't believe me? Take a look at our other reviews and success stories and see what they have to say!

To put it simply, what we do is - coach and train you 3 times a week at our amazing bootcamps; provide you with an individualised nutritional programme, that isn't restrictive and built around the foods you already enjoy eating; and we also coach and support you every step of the way, keeping you accountable and encouraging you to continue your journey towards increased body confidence! 

Feel free to get in touch with us, we are more than happy to talk you through how our proven fitness programme will help you attain the body you have always wanted to achieve. 

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