Tim Lost 8.3% Body Fat In 6 Weeks! How?!

  • Update: 18/09/2019

Meet Tim.

Tim lost an INCREDIBLE 8.3% on our Body Shape Fitness 6 Week Transformation Challenge!

Hard to believe but before Tim came to Body Shape Fitness, he explains in the video below that he was;

  • leading a sedentary lifestyle, where he didn't exercise for around 12 years... 
  • eating poorly and getting bigger and bigger and bigger
  • unhappy with his shape and his health
  • scared about starting the programme
  • worried he wouldn't enjoy it 

So what happened?

  • He loved and enjoyed the challenge!
  • He now has bags of energy constantly!
  • He craves the next sessions!
  • He found the food advice really easy and really helpful
  • He loved the variety of the classes
  • He loved the people and the community down at Body Shape Fitness Ely

How can we get YOU your own transformation?

  • We hold you accountable, giving you that extra bit of encouragement to attend the sessions and following the nutritional plan
  • You attend 3 of those sessions a week, all of which are led by our amazing Ely personal trainers, where we push you to work at your best, YOUR best is THE best!
  • You follow an easy and tailored nutritional programme which is molded around your currentl lifestyle and will get you into that internal mindset where you can internally say to yourself, y"ou know what, I could actually do this for the rest of my life!"

Come and join the body shape fitness family and get your own incredible transformation! 

Feel free to get in touch with us, we are more than happy to talk you through how our proven fitness programme will help you attain the body you have always wanted to achieve. 

To see more success stories go here - https://www.bodyshapefitnesscamp.co.uk/success-stories

Body Shape Fitness is the only guaranteed results personal training programme in Ely, created by Ely Personal Trainer Tim Megginson.