Dropped 2 Dress Sizes and Lost 18.3 Pounds in 6 Weeks! How Did Daniella Do It?!

  • Update: 27/08/2019

Meet Daniella.

She kept turning up to the sessions, getting fitter every single time, committed to the advice and coaching from our Ely personal trainers and followed her nutrition plan. From working with our personal trainers, Daniella managed to lose an AMAZING 6% body fat in just 6 weeks! Daniella completed the 6 week challenge at our personal training bootcamp in Ely, Body Shape Fitness and the result was that she got an INSANE transformation! 

At Body Shape Fitness Ely, we conduct structured and coordiated group training programmes. These bootcamps and exercise classes have seen over 2000 Ely people do our results based programmes and get INSANE transformations. 

MASSIVE congratulations to Daniella! See Dnaiella tell you about her experience and transformation at Body Shape Fitness Bootcamp Ely, in the video below. 

If you want INCREDIBLE results like this for yourself in just 6 weeks AND want to KEEP those results FOREVER? Join us at Body Shape Fitness, our fitness bootcamp in Ely, Cambridgeshire! 

To see more success stories go here - https://www.bodyshapefitnesscamp.co.uk/success-stories

Body Shape Fitness is the only guaranteed results personal training programme in Ely, created by Ely Personal Trainer Tim Megginson.