BEST EVER 6 WEEK RESULT! Paul Lost 2.5 Stone & 10% Body Fat In 6 Weeks

  • Update: 19/08/2019

Meet Paul.

Paul was 100% committed to our Body Shape Fitness 6 week challenge and programme, resulting him coming out the end 2.5 stone lighter AND with 10% less body fat! An absolutely insane result, congrats Paul, what a transformation! See his thought of the programme in the video below.

Paul achieved this weight and fat loss by following our simple yet powerful programme. He worked with our personal trainers in our group bootcamp sessions; he followed our simple and flexible nutrition plan; and benefited from the accountability element of the programme which we provide.

If you want your own amazing transformation, get involved with us at Body Shape Fitness Ely. You can train with us at a possible 9 session times a week, all coached by our world class personal trainers! Our coaches will advise you through our simple but incredibly effective nutrition plan, supporting you the entire way of the journey towards your end goal. Our structured and coordinated programme will ensure you can feel 100% confident about your body again. 

Let’s work together to not only get you in shape BUT keep you in shape FOREVER. 

No other personal training programme in Ely guarantees you results. Come and be a part of the community and get your own incredible weight and fat loss results. 

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