More INSANE results at Body shape fitness in Ely

  • Update: 06/02/2019

Meet John, 

He's yet another MASSIVE success story at Body shape! He's one of a group of legend at our Ely training sessions, and he is absolutely SMASHING the program.

John has MELTED 18 pounds of fat in one of our 6 week challenges, yes you read that correctly SIX WEEK CHALLENGE. Another amazing number is the 6% total body fat that he has dropped, and all in less than 2 months. He hasn't had to tediously and religiously count calories and he's not been down the gym 6 nights a week running himself into the ground, so what has he done? 

Well let me tell you what he HAS done:

- Attended 3 intensive, engaging and FUN fitness sessions with like minded people
- Followed a tasty, exciting meal plan that doesn't micro manage calories.
- Shown dedication and determination to succeed, and create a leaner, stronger and fitter body!

Well done John, you're an action taker and a WINNER!

If you're interested in joining us at Body SHape Fitness then please feel free to get in touch with us, we're more than happy to talk you through how our complete fitness package will help you attain the goals you've always wanted to achieve. 

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Article written byTim Megginson

Creator and innovator at 

Body Shape Fitness in Ely