Unveiled - Our secret to LASTING body shape results!

  • Update: 21/09/2018


Tim here, just wanting to drop you another tip of the week, and make your journey to AWESOMENESS a little bit easier!

And here it is! Ready? Sure?


A bit of an anti-climax? Maybe you’re surprised it’s that short and sweet, but it’s a huge part of ensuring you succeed.

I see and consult with dozens of people a week through Body Shape Fitness, and a lot of them come to me with similar stories. They have all tried the more extreme dieting methods, and they find them very difficult to maintain over a period of time. We’re talking Shakes diets, juice diets, points diets, 5:2 fasting and even every day workout plans. Now I’m not going to sit here and ‘diss’ these plans, but personally I don’t find some of them particularly healthy.

What people find is that because they are so time intensive it becomes stressful to follow the plan religiously. When the strain becomes too much the old habits that you’ve fought so hard to kick start creeping back in, so the more SIMPLE you make the plan, the easier it is to follow.

If your meals and your exercise fit around your life it becomes ingrained in your daily routine, it will be infinitely more sustainable and maintainable going forward. So to make things simpler what can you do? Well to start with, take all of the positive things you already do, eating healthy foods and proteins, fruits and vegetables. Can you incorporate more of them into your meals and snacks? Can you just drink more water, we are all guilty of allowing ourselves to not take on enough fluids on a busy day, but it is so important!

3 or 4 exercise days a week, we all have some free time during our hectic lifestyles, but all you need is around 30 minutes to train, and make this a good habit, it will soon become second nature.

Small changes like this are the easy things to stick to, and they are the building blocks to help you achieve your long term goals and lifestyle change that delivers you results!

Get in shape, stay in shape.


Speak soon!

Timmy M