3 tips for a FAST beach body

  • Update: 22/06/2018

Hey! Here's 3 GREAT tips to help you achieve FAST results for that beach body you're aiming for!

1 - Do resistance training. Let me explain. Don't let that techno word 'resistance' put you off. All it means is finding a way to make your body work against a force 'a resistance', ever done a push up or a squat or lunge? These are 'resistance' exercises. Or if you have weights pushing dumbbells is also resistance training. When people try to lose weight quickly they tend to go for more 'cardio' type exercises think running, cycling, x trainer.

ALL exercise is good, but resistance training gets faster results. The reason for this is that it tones your muscles. By tone your muscles, I'm NOT talking arnie style, I'm talking making you more firm and lean. When your muscles are more active it puts your body into a faster fat burning mode 24/7. YEP imagine muscles send out little motivational speakers to all of your body fat to make it burn away faster 24 hours a day.

Try a few weeks of resistance training 3-4 times a week and see what you notice. Watch any of my workout videos on this page or try youtube for ideas. Think 10 push ups, 10 squats x 10 (cheeky little resistance workout)


2- Eat more protein. I work with different clients everyday and have done for 10 years. 99% of the food journals i see - people don't enough protein to get in good shape.

To back up your resistance training a good amount of protein in your eating is essential to make your body change. AGAIN this IS NOT going to make you too 'muscly' but IT WILL send out lots more of those motivational speakers to your body fat to burn it off faster. Lets think beach body.

There is lots of programs out there that will give you an exact amount of grams of protein to eat each day. If you're a beginner - lets try just eating it at a every meal you have.

Protein is usually pretty easy to add - here are my favourite sources.

total greek yoghurt
Whey protein powder (with no added carbs and fat)

Have some protein with every meal for a few weeks and watch your body change.


3 - Drink 2 litres of water every day. Water is super healthy for you and has TONS of benefits. The main reasons its good for a fast beach body.

- it keeps your appetite at bay so you don't need up 'picking' and 'snacking'

- it detoxes your system which makes you feel much better all the time.

- it helps maintain your energy.

Let me ask you a question... when in the day do you reach for the chocolate, the convenience foods, the soda or even the alcohol??

Hazard a guess when your feeling low, tired and not so great??

So if drinking 2 litres makes you feel better, you'll do less of the stuff that isn't helping you get 'beach ready'.

Easy peasy this one buy a 2 litre bottle fill it every morning and carry it with you making sure you finish it everyday and watch the results come in!

There you go follow these 3 tips for a couple of weeks and let me know the results!

Speak soon

Timmy M 

Article by Ely personal trainer Tim Megginson

owner of Ely fitness bootcamp