Our Halloween Special (My Favourite Thing We Do All Year)...

  • Update: 16/11/2017
So just last week ALL of our lovely clients here body shape fitness camp in Ely came and trained with a pumpkin!
Some even dressed up for the spectacle :-) 
"Training with a pumpkin?!?" I hear you say...
YEP we do a whole exercise session DEDICATED to working out with a pumpkin. 
It's a TON of FUN. 
And everyone gets super involved.
It's just part of the lovely community of people we have that like to get fit, lose weight and have fun.
I put a little video clip of the halloween special on my facebook page 
If you want to have a look go here --->  Halloween Special Fitness Camp.
Hope you're having a lovely Halloween 
Tim Megginson, Creater of the 1st Ely Fitness Bootcamp.