Miriam Made Me Cry...

  • Update: 23/10/2017
SUPER inspiring story today from fitness bootcamp in Ely! 
there was tears involved! 
About someone that has become a bit of a body shape fitness Ely superstar recently! 
Let me introduce - Miriam Blyth (I'll show you her transformation photos a little further down) 
She's lost an amazing 17 POUNDS at fitness camp. 
Outrageous results! 
But for me - thats NOT the best bit...
Here's is what i like EVEN more. 
In our program Miriam has worked super hard and followed the simple advice I have given her...
And in doing so - made HUGE leaps forward in her 'mindset'
After spending years having a really bad relationship with food 
Yo-yo weight loss 
and spending her life on and off diets 
She now has engrained permanent healthy nutrition & fitness habits into her lifestyle.  

After she attended our Ely fitness bootcamp and worked out with a Personal Trainer In Ely 3 times a week. 
A long with getting nutrition advice. 
She is going to have a slimmer body FOREVER. (i can tell she's made that 'shift')
No more yo-yo.
Pretty Epic right?
If you click the link below you can take a look at her SHEMAZING before and after photos.

Have a little Wednesday inspiration!  
Take a look at her video (it literally made me cry)  -- Miriam Video 
See her picture below.... 
Speak soon 
Tim Megginson
Renownwed Ely Personal Trainer 
Creator of Ely Fitness Bootcamp - Body Shape Fitness
Elys original Group Personal Training Program