2 Biggest Mistakes People Make When It Comes To Weight Loss...

  • Update: 16/10/2017
So I have trained over 1000 people,
I have helped HUNDREDS of people get
slim and happy!
You can take a look at our suucess stories on our home page to see :-) 
AND (on the flip side) 
I also have to see people making these innocent
mistakes everyday which hold them back so much
from achieving their goals. 
People think about 'dieting' or 'working out'
as a temporary thing. They deadline when they
need to 'get in shape' for and count backwards.
The problem is as soon as said event, holiday, 
(whatever is over) the diet and or exercise goes out
the window. 
Weight Loss being in shape, looking toned, being
healthy etc etc is about accepting that you need to install
permanent lifestyle habits. 
So by all means take your time, build your habits slowly,
start with a new step forwards every few weeks and keep 
going until you feel comfortable with that change. 
BUT the mindset is.
Im changing my life, not crash dieting for 2 weeks before
i hit the greek shore! 
Ill let you in for a secret I'm as impatient as they come. 
In fact if it's something i don't particularly enjoy my 
patience becomes less and less. 
With all the internet, the hype, Facebook and fitness
models people are starting expect rapid transformations
in 6,12, 24 weeks. 
What you need to understand is these people have been 
training for YEARS.
the flash before and after shots you see. ARE of people have been training for
YEARS, sure they look a little out of shape in the before. Probably
straight off the back of a holiday etc.
But when your body has been there before it can go back VERY
A LOT of high end fitness models also take drugs. 
YOUR body may take 2 years to see the rapid transformation
you see these guys achieve in 12 weeks. 
Thats the TRUTH my friend 
you have to be patient and practise practise practise
improve your habits every single day.
Avoid these mistakes and you WILL get there. 
Speak again soon
Timmy M :-)