Lose Weight Without Having To Go On A Diet

  • Update: 11/09/2017


So today I've got a truth to share you...

And that is. I LOVE chocolate! ​​​​​​ Yep, I just said that!

I have a HUGE sweet tooth... NO this is not a wind up!

I'm telling you this because it's the truth and I really believe honesty is important! 

I'm not afraid to say this like most "Personal Trainers" will  be...

You CAN eat treats AND still get in Great Shape. it IS possible. 

Before they join Body Shape Fitness Ely a lot of people are worried about "dieting" 

we totally GET IT... We UNDERSTAND. 

They feel like they are going to be DEPRIVED of everything they love to eat and be made to eat a loaf of stuff that just isn't appealing...

A lot of people have had bad experiences in the past. 

The diets they've tried before have RULES

 Good foods, bad foods etc...

The problem is you always want what you can't have right?

Well - if you're like me anyway - for example  tell me I can't eat chocolate, what do i want... CHOCOLATE!

AND the longer I go without it... the MORE I want it! 

It becomes like a pressure gauge that builds until I just feel desperate to eat that 'naughty' stuff. 

Have you ever had a massive BINGE of all your favourite foods?

and afterwards it's  just SO damn hard to go back to the diet, because all you can remember is the STESS of it?

It felt like a constant test of will power.

I know that feeling, and the reason I know is because - I've been there myself,

over time i would diet and then fall off  and get up and down yo-yo weight loss.

That was until i realised THIS secret...

You NEED to keep your favourite foods IN your eating plan

Once you know its 'allowed' and isn't 'bad' (as such), you no longer have to get stressed about sticking to so many rules

Obviously you can't eat treats all day and expect to get results but..

you can DEFINITELY get results if you take a moderation approach. 

Yep... if you eat more healthily in general you can have a bit of what you fancy too! 

AND, if you do it the way we show you here at Body Shape Fitness

it WON'T effect your results.

In fact, you will get BETTER results by doing it this way. 

Because it is something you can actually stick to and thats probably what you've struggled with in the past right?

Sticking to it?

In the end, results are about what you can stick to long term 

Consistent moderation eating gets WAY better results than on and off 'dieting'

We also provide you with delicious healthy recipes to make this easier too. 

You get results AND never feel like you are 'dieting' pretty cool hey...

That's how we have gotten so many people AMAZING results at Body Shape Fitness Ely