Reduce your stress - here's how!

  • Update: 25/05/2022

The news always gives us some reason to be in need of some stress relief!

War, monkeybox, coronavirus all stressing out the nation... and all the other stresses that we deal with on a regular basis!

What better source to find that stress relief from than exercise, which also has endless other benefits!

Now the physical benefits of exercise are HUGE! 

- Create a stronger body capable of doing whatever is required of it!

- Becoming incredibly fit so you're able to run, work and have fun without getting tired!

- Increasing energy levels

- Reducing body fat and weight and the negative health impacts that come with it

However, the mental benefits are also MASSIVE!

- Reduces stress

- Decreases fatigue 

- Improves altertness and concentration

When stress effects the brain, the rest of the body feels the impact as well. So it makes sense that if your body feels better, so does your mind!

Exercise also produces endorphins and helps your ability to sleep, both of which will also reduce your stress levels!

This isn't even mentioning all the incredible additional benefits you'd feel if you managed to get your nutrition on point too!

So if you're feeling stressed, get invovled and do some exercise! :-)

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