THIS is scarier than Halloween!

  • Update: 19/10/2021

Horror films... long dark nights... ghosts... children knocking on your door demanding sugary treats...

All terrifying things we put ourselves through around Halloween time...

But let me tell you some things that are unfortunately EVEN scarier to some people, as result of them being unhappy with the way they currently look and feel...

- having to have your photo taken, so where possible you hide behind others in the group photos...

- reuniting with old friends and family at Christmas parties, that haven't seen you since any potential lock-down weight gain

- all the health issues that creep in the more overweight you are

- the inability to be able to keep up with the kids and family on days out or when playing together

- feeling limited on what you can do and wear, due to a lack of confidence

Plus lots of other unfortunate and scary outcomes of not being in the best health, fitness and body shape you could be...

Well call the team at Body Shape Fitness, Ghost Busters!

As we work to remove all of these fears from our clients!

In just 6 weeks we've had endless amounts of clients lose a fantastic amount of weight, feeling 100x happier, healthier and fitter than before and just get a complete transformation of their confidence!

We will train you a minimum of 3 x a week, coach you every step of the way through our flexible nutritional programme and hold you accountable from day 1, to guarantee we get you where you want to be!

Just imagine if by Christmas you:

- wanted to push yourself to the front of group photos to show off your fantastic new body!

- were super excited for the Christmas parties, as it's an opportunity to be flooded with compliments on how amazing you look!

- started to reverse the health issues of being overweight and feeling brilliant!

- woke up with a new found energy to crack on with the day and have endless energy for fun and activities with the family

- felt confident enough to put on the little black dress or old favourite shirt of yours and just feel amazing!

All of this is 100% possible but we need to get you started ASAP!

As we soon won't have enough time or spaces to fit you in before Christmas!

Click here to find out more about our 6 Week Transformation Programme and we hope to see you soon! :-)