Benefits of having a coach

  • Update: 13/10/2021

Many people do not know the benefits that a personal trainer or fitness coach can provide.

There’s nothing worse than spending weeks, months or years putting effort into trying to transform your health, fitness and body shape – and having little to no results to show for it.

No matter whether you are brand new to exercise or have been working out regularly for many years, having a good coach will allow you to get fantastic results and far faster than you expected.

So why do I need a personal trainer?

Having a coach can allow you to get better and faster results:

Expert advice and knowledge

Personal trainers, or fitness coaches, can provide a wealth of knowledge, experience and guidance which can take your training and nutrition to the next level. Without this knowledge, you may spend x amount of time putting a great amount of effort into your workouts and nutrition but get little in return, due to unfortunately not following the most efficient and effective advice.


A coach can tailor your workouts to your ability level, to not only ensure you’re using correct technique and form; but that you getting the upmost out of the sessions. The harder you work to your personal physical limit, your more your body will have to adapt to become fitter and stronger to cope next time. Without a personalised training plan, you may find yourself just going through the motions of exercise, without any structure or purpose, resulting in less optimal results.

Nutritional guidance

A personal trainer can not only ensure what you’re eating and drinking is optimal in order to get you the results that you’re looking for, but they can ensure that it’s enjoyable. Often achieved by spending time educating you on the correct nutritional options and teaching you how to eat and drink the things you enjoy and STILL get the results that you’re looking for. A more enjoyable programme is one that’s easier to stick to… the easier it is to stick to, the more consistent you’ll be and therefore the better results you’ll have in x amount of time.

Motivation and accountability

A coach will train you efficiently and effectively to ensure you get amazing results. A coach will also educate you on how to manage your nutrition with ease, to ensure you get fantastic results. However, they will also make sure you’re turning up to those sessions and that you’re following the nutritional guidance correctly, as without that the results won’t come.

Having a coach can allow you to get long-term results:


A coach will ensure your form is 100% correct to reduce the chance of any injuries, allowing longevity with your training. Also, by making the sessions enjoyable and different every time, it keeps your interest in exercise strong and so you continue it long after you’ve got the initial results you’re happy with. Allowing you to not only retain the results you achieved forever but even continue to improve upon them.

Nutritional guidance

By having a coach that can teach you how to get fantastic results without even mentioning the work “diet”, you can build a different mentality around nutrition and realise you don’t have to restrict and deprive yourself of all the foods and drinks you enjoy having to get your health, fitness and body shape where you want it to be. Once you’ve been truly educated on how to manage your nutrition in this manner, you can do it for the rest of your life with little difficulty, allowing the results to stay permanently and the yo-yo dieting to end.  

Motivation and accountability

To be able to create long-term healthy habits and results, it must first begin somewhere. If the beginning (e.g. 6 weeks) fails to create results you deem worthy of the effort you’re putting in, then the long-term habits will never start. Additionally, if you can’t be consistent in the beginning of your journey (e.g. 6 weeks), it’s highly unlikely you’ll then suddenly be consistent for the years that follow. So, having a coach that not only get you incredible results in the beginning (6 weeks), but also ensures you’re consistent for those 6 weeks, by making sure you’re turning up to training and following the necessary nutritional guidance; it gives you everything you need to be able to create long-term life-long results.

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