Why the weight doesn't stay off

  • Update: 15/09/2021

I listened to a podcast yesterday where someone was speaking to an audience of 100 people, roughly.

He asked if anyone had lost 15lbs or more in their life

Almost every hand went up

Now keep your hands up if you lost weight and kept it off for the following amount of time

"3 months" - a good amount of hands went down

"6 months" - about half the room's hands go down

"12 months" - 2 left

"18 months" - one left

"24 months" - none left

So out of 100 people, almost every person had lost a decent amount weight, but only 1 had kept it off for up to 18 months.

So how can we lose an AMAZING amount of weight and KEEP IT OFF?

Constantly starting and stopping gets really tiring and it’s more effort than just consistently putting in some effort to maintain the results achieved.

One of the key factors in getting in shape and staying in shape FOREVER, is enjoyment.

We want your weight loss journey to be as enjoyable as possible!

When the process is enjoyable, it is something that can then be easily repeated for the rest of your life.

In order for it to become something worth repeating for the rest of your life, the results you achieve need to be far better than you expect.

This relationship of high enjoyment + better results than expected = long lasting habit and results

How do we ensure you enjoy the programme?

1. Training

>>> Tailored to you, to ensure it's not too easy and not too hard, just perfectly right for you to ensure you get the results you want and enjoy the process

>>> Constantly changing sessions to keep them exciting and prevent them becoming boring and samey

2. Nutrition

>>> Not restricted to just rabbit food or no carbs/no fun diet

>>> Flexible nutrition programme, tailored to you and what you enjoy eating, which allows you to eat what you want when you want, with simple offsetting to ensure you still get the body/results you're after

3. Results

>>> Every week noticing significant changes to your body

>>> Getting to the end of the challenge with better results than anything you've done before

>>> Feeling unbelievably proud of and confident in your new body

It's easier to keep doing something if you enjoy it!

Hope that helps & have a great week!

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