THIS Is Vital For Long-Term Results

  • Update: 16/02/2021
We all at some point have a desire to make a positive change in our lives! Whether that be to lose weight, get healthier, get more active, get fitter, get stronger etc...
And that desire is what motivates you to initiate and continue a set of actions that will result in change you are seeking.
If the desire to make the positive change is not greater than your desire to stay the same, you will not get the result you are after.
This is why a lot of people fall off 'diets' because these 'diets' tell you you can't eat this, you can't drink that, and before you know it, you've been restricted and deprived to a point where you think it is no longer worth continuing to pursue this change, as you want the occasional glass of wine or chocolate bar etc! I.e. your desire to change is now no longer greater than your desire to stay the same.
A key advantage of our Body Shape Fitness Programme, is that we help you keep your desire to change stronger than your desire to stop.
Firstly, the nutritional aspect of the programme is flexible, non-restrictive and non-depriving. We teach you how to eat whatever you want in moderation and still get results. Now because you're still allowed to eat the chocolate, cake, ice cream etc, you don't feel like you're missing those things, you're still getting results and therefore don't desire to stop the change!
Secondly, we offer you 24/7 accountability, support and motivation. This helps you keep that desire to change, continue pursing you personal goals and therefore get the result you are after!
Thirdly, the personal trainer led sessions are always changing, always exciting and forever giving you that amazing feeling afterwards! We aren't beasting you to a point where you feel ill and we are just asking for YOUR best; because of this you can actually enjoy the exercise element of the programme and again, prevent your desire to stop.
If you're ever feeling tired or struggling to find motivation... remember what those reasons were that brought you here, keep pushing and KEEP EVOLVING! 
You are all incredible!