Blue Monday during lockdown?!

  • Update: 21/01/2021
Earllier this week was apparently 'Blue Monday'...
The day in the year where are most likely to feel down in the dumps...
Mainly due to weight gain over Christmas, long nights, cold days and not much going on!
I reckon that's potentially made even worse by being in a lockdown currently!!!
You've got everything that would normally contribute to a 'blue monday' but all of the lockdown stress on top of that!
That stress and 'blue' feeling can lead to additional comfort eating, more weight gain and an even worse mental state!
So enough of the negativity (we've had enough of that!), what can we actually do to stop feeling blue, improve our mood, body and health? 
I want to offer you an opportunity to combat that 'blue'feeling and explain our tried and tested method to guarantee you feel better, more positive, more confident, happier and about a 1000 other adjectives to describe basically feeling less 'blue'!
For the past 10 years we have taken people who have felt blue, sometimes all year round, and transformed their health, body, fitness and mindset for the better!
How can we do the same for you?
On our 6 Week Transformation Programme we will;
Train you 3 x a week in our live personal trainer led exercise sessions
Coach you through our flexible and personalised nutritional programme, that educates you on how to eat and drink all the foods you enjoy and STILL get the body and positive mindset you're after
Offer you 24/7 accountability, motivation and support to guarantee we get you feeling 10x better in just 6 weeks
If you want to reduce the number of 'blue' days you have, feel better about the way you look and have a more positive, energised and happier mindset, click here