"Why Don't Diets Work For Me"

  • Update: 12/01/2021

"Why Don't Diets Work For Me"

Have you ever thought or said this before? Have you ever heard a friend or family member say something along these lines before?

Chances are, at sometime in your life, you've either said yourslef or heard other people talking about the dread prior to starting a diet, complaining about being on a diet, or being frustrated that the diet didn't work for them and get them the results they expected. 

Why do people hate diets?

The reason either yourself or others often complain about diets and dieting is because;

1) They know they're about to try commit themselves to weeks or months of pain (that pain depends on the type of diet, sometimes it's a very physcial pain!)

2) When on a diet, people are often miserable; they restrict and deprive themselves of the food and drink they enjoy having, sometimes finding themselves to also be forever hungry

3) They've done it in the past, perhaps occassionally got great results but then at a later point always lose those results

Why do people go on diets then?

The reason people go on diets is because they desperately want the health, body and fitness they've always dreamed of. 

Bad and misleading infomation on the internet and in magazines often lead people to believe that 'dieting', i.e. restricting, depriving and/or starving yourself is the only way to achieve this.

So, people continue the cycle of:

1) dreading starting the diet

2) starting the diet with a goal in mind

3) struggling and suffering whilst on the diet

4) super relieved to finish whether that be by, a) giving up (not getting the result), or b) achieving their goal

5) lose any results they achieved on the diet because it wasn't sustainable long term

6) feel bad about themselves and decide they need to make a change

7) see number 1

So why don't diets actually work for people then (long term)?

99.9% of the time, the results achieved from a diet (if any) are short lived. Sometimes those results can stay with you for just 3 days, sometimes, 3 weeks, 3 months or even 3 years; but eventually the results will be lost and the weight/fat will come back on. 

The reason for this is due to the fact you are being deprived of the food and drink you love. Life is too short, we can't be without those things forever. So, if you've achieved your result but following a highly restrictive diet and not having any of these things, or learning how to have these things and still get the body that you want, then the results are short lived and the diet hasn't worked. 

Try this, imagine your most favourite food and drink in the world, something you could never be without.

(Beer, wine, chocolate, cake, crisps, biscuits, takeaway, bread, pasta, potatoes, sugar etc)

Now imagine I say to you - "you're not allowed to eat any of those things to love for 6 weeks)

One of two things will happen;

1) you'll just eat the food and drink you want to have whenever you want it

- you won't get the results you were hoping for at the end of the 6 weeks because you haven't HOW to eat and drink these things, whilst still getting the body that you're after

The result? Poor long term results

2) you'll follow the 6 weeks religiously and not eat or drink any of the things we've banned you from having

- you then HATE the 6 weeks, you get to the end of the 6 weeks and hit this imaginary finish line, before you know it you're eating and drinking all the things you've been craving during the 6 weeks and start to undo all your hard work

The results? Poor long term results

So if diet's don't work, how can I lose weight and fat?

First we simplify nutrition to the only two things that really matter

1) Calories

2) Macronutrients 

Starting with the calories:

On our 6 Week Transformation Programme, we work out how many calories YOU SPECIFICALLY NEED (this will be different to everyone else) to be in a slight calorific deficit, i.e. to less calories coming in than going out. 

Why is that important?

When you've got less calories coming in than going out, your body then needs to find that fuel from somewhere else, as you're not giving it enough via your food and drink, it then has to break down things internally for fuel, i.e. your fat or your muscles. 

So a slight personalised calorific defecit, ensures you're not going to go hungry and you won't feel weak or irritable, when compared to a blanket covered diet. 

However, this ensures that you are going to be losing weight. 

If you are in a calorific defecit, you will lose weight. 

Moving onto the macros;

Your macronutrients are protein, fat and carbohydrates. 

We need to find the appropriate ratio for you, e.g. 40% of your calories should be coming from protein, 40% from carbs and 20% from fat, FOR EXAMPLE.

Why is that important?

Having the correct macro ratio, ensures the weight you'll be losing (from the calorific deficit) will be predominantly fat and not muscle. 

As we want to keep our muscle to continue or strive to be strong, lean and functional.

However, fat gives us all the health issues and lumps and bumps that we don't particuarly want, so it's the fat specifically we want to lose.

How can you help me lose weight?

Firstly, on the nutrition front, we manage all of this for you. 

So we work out exactly what your body needs to lose weight, i.e. your calorie target and macro ratio. 

We then coach you through everything you need to know throughout the 6 weeks to keep it as simple, enjoyable and effortless as possible. 

We help you through your flexible nutritional programme so you can eat what you want and when you want, but guarantee you STILL get the body you're after. 

We answer any questions you may have and always ensure you're;

1) truly enjoying it

2) understanding what you're doing and why

3) never without help if needed

4) getting results

Secondly on the exercise front;

We also provide a minimum of 3 personal trainer led exercise sessions a week (you can attend up to 9 if you want!), where we can work on also burning some calories!

The exercises will all be tailored to you and your ability level. It won't be too easy, but it won't be too hard, it'll be exactly where it needs to be for you.

The key element we focus on is progression, so we want to work on improvements every sessions so your body will evolve and become that fitter, stronger and leaner body we want it to be. 

Lastly, we also offer accountability and coaching. 

This is to ensure that you are staying forever motivated, so continue to turn up to all the sessions and continue to eat healthily, so we can guarantee that in 6 weeks you will have the body that you're after. 

This is an miniscule summary of what we actually do for our clients, if you're interested in learning more about what we can do for you and seeing how we can guarantee to get you the body you want in just 6 weeks, book a call with us and we can have a chat about your goals, discuss the programme in mroe detail and see if this is going to be a good fit. 

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