Benefits of Exercising With Other People in Ely

  • Update: 30/10/2020

3 benefits of exercising with other people in Ely

The benefits of exercising with other people, instead of on your own, really are endless!

Ranging from increased motivation, to increased accountability, to being more supported, to truly enjoying exercise (possibly for the first time!).  

There's also lots of benefits to exercising outdoors, be sure to check out our article on that!

1. Increased Accountability and Motivation

When seeking a body transformation on your own, or going to an Ely gym on your own, it’s very easy to fall off your programme or begin missing sessions. Additionally, if you make it to an Ely gym, you may then not be motivated to give a lot of effort once there. Both of which, yield poor results and poor body transformations.

However, by training in groups you are…

More likely to stick to your commitment

You’re guaranteed to become friendly with the lovely client we’ve got here at Body Shape Fitness! Once that happens, you may arrange to attend a particular session with a particular person; by having that arrangement you are more likely to keep that commitment of attending the training session.

Additionally, you’ll be amongst very similar likeminded people, all with the same goal of improving their health, fitness and body shape. When you’re surrounded by that positive energy, it often tends to rub off on you, and you’ll find yourself more inclined to turn up and work towards your goals, as you know everyone else will be there doing the same!

More likely to work harder

In addition to being more likely to stick to your programme, you are also more likely to work harder.

You’ll be spurred on not only from your personal trainers but by every other client there, all pushing each other to be the best version of themselves. You’ll also find that exercising in groups can bring out a competitive side within you, which will come out in situations where you’re perhaps ready to give up on a particular exercise, but seeing a friend or other member powering on, might just be the incentive you need to keep yourself going and dig that little bit deeper!

More likely to succeed in your goal

As a result of being more committed and working harder, you are more likely to succeed in achieving your goals.

Being surrounded by people who are all motivating one another, all in the same boat and all pushing each other in achieving their goals, will make an enormous difference in your likeliness of succeeding. An article studying the effect of exercising with others, has actually found that people are more likely to lose weight, if they’re surrounded by exercise buddie who are doing the same!

2. Enhanced Support

Now in addition to the increased motivation and accountability found in group training, you’ll also benefit from a greater deal of support than when training alone in say an Ely gym or at home.

You’ll benefit from the physical support of actually exercising with others, in doing exercises that can’t be done on your own or having the safety of others watching out for you, to ensure nothing goes wrong.

You will also benefit from exercising with people with a similar fitness level. We have a whole range of clients at Body Shape Fitness, all with various ability levels and limitations; from people that haven’t exercised in 30 years, to people competing in triathlons. It doesn’t matter, where you feel like you fall on that scale, as you will be surrounded by people with a similar fitness level, which will support you and make sure you don’t feel alienated.

Our clients are all super friendly and are super keen to support one another, both physically and mentally, both with the exercise and the nutrition. When training in a group such as ours, you will have no end of people eager to help, support and coach you; as they’re either where you are right now or have been in the past.

 3. More enjoyable and socialable

Last but definitely not least, a huge benefit to working out with others is that it is considerably more enjoyable and a real social event to look forward to.

You’re turning up to training, meeting new people, having a laugh, having a joke and all working together to achieve the best versions of yourselves!

By enjoying your training, it not only makes you considerably happier and gives you something to look forward to every week, but it makes you far more likely to succeed in achieving your goal.

Why is that the case?

Well look at two different scenarios…

  • You turn up to an Ely gym, it is busy, the equipment you want to use aren’t free, you don’t chat to anyone, you’re bored of what you’re training and it’s just a bit of a chore
  • You turn up to a Body Shape Fitness group training session, you’re happy to see others as they are you, you’re immediately having a laugh and engaged in conversation. When it comes to the exercise, you’re being encouraged by everyone to do your best and receiving praise for completing it.

You can see how our clients love turning up to training and why it is enjoyable! So why does that mean you’re more likely to succeed? Well, if you enjoy something, it becomes something you want to do and something you don’t want to give up. If that something is exercise, then you find yourself in a very healthy routine and habit of exercising regularly; this consistency with your training makes achieving your goals far more likely.

In additional to these benefits of making exercise an enjoyable social event; it’ll also decreased your stress levels and increase your self-confidence by being around fun people and having a laugh with them.

What to do next

You’ve just read our guide that explains how and why training a part of a group is considerably better for your physical and mental health.  

You can now make the best decision for your own health, well-being and body. Click the following link to sign up to our 6 Week Transformation Challenge in Ely, there’s even the opportunity to do it for free!

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