Ely's Best Weight Loss Bootcamp and why...

  • Update: 13/10/2020

Ely’s Best Weight Loss Option?

You’re local to Ely and you’re thinking about starting your weight-loss journey, that’s great!

You’ve taken the first step, just by clicking on this page and trying to learn more about what you need to do to get in shape and who in Ely is best to help you get there.

If you can't be bothered to read on, we explain everything in more detail during one of our free consultations!

If you wish to read on however...

Well first off, you have got to consider what you need in order to get this fat-loss transformation.

You’ll need;

  • Exercise
  • Nutrition
  • Accountability

I’ll go into detail soon to explain what exactly you need from each of those elements to ensure you get the body you’ve always dreamed of.

Firstly, you need to know who can provide you with exercise, nutrition and accountability.

Well for exercise, you’ve got multiple options to choose from;

  • Access to standard bootcamps
  • Access to standard gyms
  • Hire a personal trainer to train you (usually only 1 hour a week – if that)
  • Standard online training programmes
  • Watch exercise videos on YouTube etc
  • Unlimited Personal Trainer led group training sessions at Body Shape Fitness, Ely’s first group training programme.

For nutrition, you’ve got;

  • Millions of articles online, each giving you completely different advice and opinions
  • Recipe books
  • Standard online nutrition programmes
  • Limited advice from PT’s and gyms
  • Personalised, flexible and enjoyable nutrition programme at Body Shape Fitness

For effective accountability, you’ve got;

  • 24/7 support, motivation and coaching at Body Shape Fitness

Now, it’s no coincidence that only Body Shape Fitness can be found under all 3 elements that are crucial for body and weight loss transformations.

Nowhere else in Ely delivers tailored exercise, nutrition and accountability to the quality that we provide.

So, you’ve discovered that Body Shape Fitness is where you need to be to get your incredible body and fat loss transformation.

Now to go into more detail about exactly what is required to get you that body you’ve always wanted.


Exercise comes in a variety of different forms and we incorporate them all to help get our clients a well-balanced body. Depending on your specific goals, (we would usually discuss these and figure out a perfect programme for you at our free consultation, exercise can help in a variety of ways.

Types of Exercise Used


High intensity interval training is a time efficient and highly effective way of burning body fat.


Strength training is utilized for muscle retention, strengthening joints, ligaments, tendons and muscles; whilst also reducing your risk of osteoporosis.


Cardiovascular training is great for maintaining a healthy and efficient heart, which in turn will make everyday tasks much less tiring.


Mobility movements keeps your body moving, so you don’t end up with poor posture and suffer from the aches and pains that come with poor mobility and posture.

Your Body Transformation Goals

It is worth mentioning here that here at Body Shape Fitness, your goals are taken very carefully into consideration.

We can help with;

  • weight and fat loss
  • improving your general body shape
  • toning
  • increased flexibility
  • becoming stronger
  • improved fitness level
  • increased confidence
  • making you the healthiest version of yourself

The list could go on forever!

View our success stories to see what our clients look like after achieving their goal!

Each goal will benefit from exercise in a variety of ways…

Weight and Fat Loss

Most of our clients tend to be seeking weight and fat loss; exercise is an amazingly useful tool to help us achieve this!

Without overcomplicating things, it comes down to this; calories in vs calories out.

To burn fat, we must have more calories out than in. It is as simple as that.

By partaking in Body Shape Fitness’ exercise sessions in Ely, your body will be using those calories as fuel for the workout. The more intense and frequently you do the exercise, the more calories will be burned.

Now if you burn more calories than you’ve consumed that day, your body must find fuel from elsewhere in your body to continue functioning. We help ensure that it’ll find these calories by predominantly breaking down your fat.

In short, exercise helps with weight and fat loss, as it makes you burn more calories, if you burn more calories than consumed that day, it’ll burn your fat for fuel.


Reducing your body fat will definitely help make you look more toned, as you will look leaner and your muscle will look more defined.

To help enhance this toned body further and make your muscles more defined (if this is a goal for yours!)

The key element here to take advantage here is progressive overload. I.e. demanding more from your body over time.

An example of progressive overload might be the following; session 1 = 1 push up, session 2 = 2 push ups, session 3 = 4 push ups and so on and so forth.

When you demand more from your body, your body adapts in preparation for that increased demand next time, however next time you demand even more from it and then it must adapt again and so on and so forth; resulting in stronger, more defined muscles.

Improved Body Shape

We’ve discussed weight loss, fat loss and toning and how exercise can help achieve those things; all of which will change your body shape.

By doing exercise with us at Body Shape Fitness, you’ll likely end up with a body shape that is leaner, more toned and stronger body.  

Strength, flexibility, mobility

If your goals aren’t so much focused on the way you look but rather on the way you feel, exercise is also highly important.

A key factor to consider when we make a client’s personalized exercise programme is their ability level.

Your best is the best, and as long as you’re giving us your best that’s all we can ask for.

With that considered, exercise can be utilized to improve your strength, flexibility and mobility by gauging where you are comfortable with certain exercises, seeing what your body can do currently, and then slowly starting to ask your body to do just a little more every session.

Whether that be to; lift a slightly heavier weight than last week; stretch that little bit further than last week; bring your knees that little bit higher than last week.

This progression will end up with a stronger, more flexible and more mobile version of yourself. Simply by just progressing little by little every week, until your body feels completely different and unrecognizable!

Physical and mental health

Doing exercise will do leaps and bounds for your physical health;

  • Carrying less weight
  • improving your fitness levels
  • helping you improve the health of your heart, lungs, muscles, joints, ligaments etc

It also helps with your mental health;

  • giving you more energy
  • positivity from meeting and having a laugh with friendly people
  • releasing positive chemicals in the brain
  • increased confidence as a result of the fat loss


What you are consuming will affect your results massively. If you want a body transformation, if you want to lose weight, if you want to have that lean, toned body, you must consider your nutrition.

As mentioned earlier in the exercise part of this article, to lose weight and fat, you must have more calories going out than coming in.

You can either burn those calories via exercise to increase the number of calories going out OR you can manage the number of calories coming in.

The Biggest Problem with Diets and Nutritional Programmes

Now here is the CRUCIAL factor regarding nutritional programmes, YOU MUST ENJOY IT!

Too many ‘diets’ and nutrition programmes out there; deprive, restrict and starve you in order to try get you a body transformation.

Yes, you need to be in a calorific deficit, i.e. more calories out than in

  • That doesn’t mean you need to have 1000s of calories less than you’re currently having
  • That doesn’t mean you need to ban yourself from having all the food and drink you love
  • That doesn’t mean you need to follow some diet for a few weeks/months and hate the whole process

What usually happens if you do the above?

  • You go on a restrictive ‘diet’ and just cheat throughout it because you crave the food and drink you love. The result – poor results
  • You go on a restrictive ‘diet’, follow it religiously, hate the process, get to the end date, stuff yourself full of all the food and drink you’ve missed so much and craved. The result – poor results

What does Body Shape Fitness do instead?

We create a personalized, tailored and flexible nutrition programme, which teachs you how to eat and drink all the foods/drinks you love to consume and STILL GET RESULTS!

We calculate what your specific calorific intake should be (which isn’t restrictive, most clients are often surprised at how much they can eat!) and also what your macronutrient ratio should be (the ratio of protein/carbs/fats consumed), as this ensures the weight lost is predominantly from your fat, not your muscles!

Now don’t worry if this sounds complicated, it is crucial for you to have an incredible body transformation, but we will do as much as physically possible to take as much stress and effort out of your hands - so you can ENJOY THE PROCESS!

As if you truly enjoy the process, it’ll become a long-term solution for you.  

We also educate you on everything regarding nutrition so you have a good understanding for the rest of your life!

Accountability and Coaching

This element is often over-looked but is CRUCIAL in your body transformation. It will;

1) ensure you finish our 6-week transformation challenge in the best shape of your life

2) ensure that you keep the results you’ve achieved on the 6 week transformation challenge for the rest of your life!

Why is accountability and coaching important?

  • Because people understand they need to do exercise to get the body they want.
  • Because people understand they need to eat healthy to get the body they want.

So why don’t they have the body they want?

  • Because they don’t do those things
  • OR they don’t do those things consistently enough
  • OR they’re doing the wrong exercise/nutrition for their body and their goals

The coaching is important to ensure that you are actually doing the correct exercises for your body/ability level/goals and to ensure that you are following a nutrition programme that is enjoyable, doable and actually yields fantastic results!

The accountability is important to ensure that you actually do the exercise and that you follow the nutrition programme consistently for 6 weeks, so that after the 6 week transformation challenge, you will have a habit that’s cemented with you for life!

If you are given the correct exercise and nutrition programme for you and your goals, and are then supported and motivated to ensure you follow that programme – you will have LIFE CHANGING RESULTS in just 6 weeks’ time.

We ensure you turn up to training and we ensure you are continuing to eat healthily within the programme guidelines, so that we can guarantee you will have the body you’ve always dreamed of in 6 weeks’ time.

What to do next

You’ve just read our guide that explains where is best to get your body transformation in Ely and what is required for that body transformation.

You can now make the best decision for your own health, well-being and body. Click the following link to sign up to our 6 Week Transformation Challenge in Ely, there’s even the opportunity to do it for free!

Click here

If you want to view some of our success stories from our 6 Week Transformation Challenge in Ely

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