World Famous Transformation Competition Starts 28th September

  • Update: 17/09/2020

A journey of a thousand miles starts with the 1 step...

Lesley here lost 5 STONE in 12 months!!!

Now Lesley, or anyone with big trasformation like this, didn't lose 5 stone in 1 or 2 months. 

Huge, life-changing and truly incredible transformations like this come from consistently putting in the effort for a long period of time. 

Through learning the skills to be able to get and stay in amazing shape and developing lifelong habits, transformations like this can be obtainable and more importantly kept FOREVER. 

So how do we do it?

> We teach you on how to eat, now we're not just telling you, but rather educating you, in order to give you the life skills to get a transformation like Lesley's!

> That nutrition programme we educate you on, won't be depriving or restrictive, as that'll stop it being a long-term solution. We teach you how to eat and drink the things you enjoy AND STILL get an amazing transformation (only way to truly create a long term solution!)

> We personally train you 3 x a week, giving you an incredible workout that will leave you feeling fitter, stronger and with more energy than ever before!

> We offer accountability, support and coaching to ensure you continue to be consistent in your pursuit of your transformation!

Now, just imagine where you would be in 12 months if you did all these things conistently? 

I guarantee you'll not only be fitter, stronger, healthier, leaner, more energized and happier BUT I know you'll be thanking yourself for taking that plunge and starting 12 months ago. 

This competition we are running on the 28th September is an excellent first step to do just that. 

Here’s how it will work:
1- You will be part of the body shape program and attend our sessions 3/4 times per week and receive all of our standard nutrition, lifestyle and mindset coaching, which gets incredible results by itself 

BUT you'll also get...
2- Competition gets it own Secret Facebook group and some extra solid guidance & coaching for the length of it.
3- The accountability will be very HIGH, competitors get really involved, posting pictures of their food, learning more about nutrition, journaling and various other bits that produce outrageous results.
4- It's going to be about setting the principles of a solid program IN STONE for you. So it's not just a ‘quick fix diet’ or a 4 week competition but a way of helping you make some more positive long lasting habit changes in your lifestyle.
It will also be a great re-boot if you found yourself coasting lately and need to get motivated, accountable and whipped into shape. It will help everyone double down and seriously improve their RESULTS!
IMPORTANT NOTE: NO this is NOT a ‘new diet’ ‘an extreme diet’ or a ’special new way’ obviously our core principles have (and always will be) healthy eating and sustainable habit change. 
There is a small entry fee for it, but it will be smidge for the value in attention we will give to you in this and it also build out the PRIZE FUND!
There'll be a decent CASH PRIZE for the most 'transformed' as well, to keep the motivation HIGH!
The REAL beauty of this is EVERYONE WINS as everyone involved gets an AMAZING improvement to their body, health, fitness and wellbeing!
We are planning to kick this off on the 28th September and it will run for 4 weeks!

To join the competition you will need to become a member even if you just take out a single month membership... 
If you're interested in joining just contact us via the contact us page on this website :-)