Don't go backwards!

  • Update: 22/07/2020
Right now is SO IMPORTANT in terms of achieving your ideal body, fitness level and health...
Lockdown was a great opportunity for most to SMASH their goals!
- no meals out
- no social occasions
- no events
- no distractions
- less work or working from home for some
However, we are starting to get a glimpse of normality again, with a lot of places opening up and our calendar starting to get filled up again with events etc...
So we MUST NOT start to deprioritise our health, fitness and well being!
It is FAR HARDER to start a healthy habit from scratch, than it is to simply continue performing actions that make up that healthy habit.
- Continue to eat healthy
- Continue to exercise regularly
- Continue to prioritise your health
- Continue to prioritise your self-confidence
- Continue to prioritise your well-being
- Continue to prioritise yourself
Remember why you started and let's make sure we don't take any steps backwards!

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