How can I keep the results I've just earned?

  • Update: 05/06/2020

Persistency vs Consistency

One gets you your results, the other ensures you keep them!

If you are PERSISTENT you will get the results you are after, i.e. persistency will get the results in the short-term.


You've just achieved your goal of losing 18 pounds, or 6% body fat, or waking up with unbelievable amounts of energy and confidence... or whatever else your goal might have been!


What's the next step?


How awful would it feel to then slowly start lose all these results, you've just worked so hard to achieve?!

We do NOT want this!

So, now you must be CONSISTENT in order to keep those results and perhaps reach your next goal of being EVEN fitter, stronger, slimmer, more confident or whatever your goals might be!

Be consistent with your exercise routine and be consistent with your nutrition programme!

What helps us stay consistent?

Accountability, motivation and support!

We love you guys and look forward to not only getting you the body of your dreams but then ensuring you either keep it or improve upon it forever! 

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