How We Are Helping People Get Amazing Results ONLINE?

  • Update: 16/04/2020

Here's what you get on the online challenge:

✅ 3 x Online Workouts Per Week with a Personal Trainer. This ISN'T a workout video or 'programme' to follow. Our sessions are interactive, delivered live and done in real time with an actual coach motivating and training you the ENTIRE time!

✅ Personalised Nutrition Coaching complete with easy to follow recipes, simple meal plans and everything you need to suceed and feel healthy!

✅ A Sensible LONG TERM approach that WORKS! Look, we know you dont want to just eat rabbit food for 28 days, so we teach you how to continue to eat things you enjoy most AND get resullts.

✅ Daily Accountbility and UNLIMITED Online Support from our dedicated coaches and everyone else on the challenge.

✅ The Most Welcoming Fitness Community you could ever join (as awarded to us for the last 10 years by our wonderful clients)

Applications are open NOW but due to the nature of the personalised coaching, we’re only able to take on TEN people for this…

Please apply today for your free online (or phone) consultation so we can have a friendly chat about the program and get you moving if you like the sound of it...

Click here to apply

Watch the video below for a snippet of the training!