4 Steps To Improve Positivity During COVID-19

  • Update: 15/04/2020
A few people have reached out to me recently telling me they're feeling pretty down! And that doesn't feel good, especially when they're actually looking to feel better!
This is no attack, we are all feeling the circumstance. Everybody is. Including me. 
And firstly, just to say I get it, and if you're feeling desperate, please get in touch and I will answer!
Now here's some advice to help you feel better starting TODAY!
It takes ENERGY to be positive! 
If you're low on energy reserves, you'll soon find out how much of a 'downer' things become. (Try not sleeping a couple of days and assessing your world view to test that)
How do you get the energy to be positive, when so many things around you feel so uncertain?
Well it takes some awareness to get the ball rolling, you need to be aware of the current situation you're in and realise you need to make that change. A lot of people I work with get so much more energy than they had before, they actually can't believe where they were and how different they feel.
Here's the 4 step Body Shape approach we coach;
1 - Eat real food. If it isn't in (or as close as is sensible) to its natural form - don't eat it. It just adds (more) stress to your body to try and process it, eliminate it etc... that stress is going to take pretty much all of your energy from you. Probably more than you currently have to cope with everything right now! 
Try living off vegetables, fruit, decent cuts of meat, fish, eggs, nuts, seeds, herbs and spices for the next couple of days and see how that works out for you.
2 - Move. Here's the deal - the lower the intensity - the longer you have to do it for. If walking is your movement medicine of choice. Fine. But you need a couple of hours of it and at least get a bit of a heart rate going too. Next time you feel the low, try and move AS SOON as you can. Typically tired people question movement as an 'energy provider', until they actually do it! And find themselves feeling more of a buzz than any caffeine hit they've had (or otherwise)
3 - Drink water. Not lucozade, not diet cherryade, not red bull, not luminous sugar drink with ice cubes and straw in it, not endless tea and coffee (a couple a day can be ok)!
H2O - 2 litres a day and if you're drinking these other things (good luck) but also you'll need MORE water to at least try and dilute them
4 - STOP doing things that are the cause of the complaint. I'm all for party's and a good time and I've done holidays and nights out I'll never forget. And there's plenty more to come!
But I keep my garden watered, nourished and in check at least 80% of the time, so it can handle the party from time to time and live strongly enough to tell the tales.
If you're drinking alcohol most days, eating fast food mcnuggets, overindulging in nonsense. Your 'joy' is your pain. Chances are you're getting more of the pain than the joy.
You either have to take them both and stop complaining about it OR start cutting it out! Tough love that one! 
If you do the above it's a guaranteed path to feeling more positive! Your energy will be strong and your feelings calmer. 
I practice all of this myself. I've worked with THOUSANDS of people to help with all 4 of these shifts for nearly 14 years! 
You do have to start from where you are, be courageous, put one foot in front of the other AND be very patient, forgiving and compassionate with yourself.
BUT you do have to start!
And RIGHT NOW is the time to start. Mother Nature is teaching us a painful lesson of who the boss really is.
For many the start stop cycle has gotten too much in their life and they need a 'commitment device' that obligates them to actually do what they KNOW, they need to do. 
This is what we do at Body Shape.
We are committed and hold ourselves responsible for YOU changing. With a whole, systematic, holistic, healthy approach. 
If you need that kind of commitment device right now to 'transform' and to put positivity back in where you can't currently find it.

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