5 ways to guarantee you come out of ‘self isolation’ more unhealthy

  • Update: 01/04/2020

5 ways to guarantee you come out of ‘self isolation’ heavier, more unhealthy, less confident, lazier, and with worse fitness levels...and what to try instead

This is important. Not only for your physical being, but your mental wellbeing too.

I can guarantee that IF you don’t start taking action right away, and get in a healthy, pretty fulfilling routine, in a few weeks or months you’ll be wishing you had....

1 - SLEEP IN - Getting into the routine of ‘lazy Jim jam’ mornings is a sure fired way to breed laziness, lethargy, and fitness losses.

Try this - get up at a regular time, hydrate, get active - workout for 20-60 mins, prep a nutritious breakfast for you and your family. Get some fresh air!!!

2 - CARRY ON EATING THE SAME - If your activity level plummets, but you carry on eating the same (or more)...well you can guess the outcome - you’ll gain weight. Imagine if you’re self isolating for 6 months. And you gain just 2-3lbs a month. That’s around a stone if extra timber added. Isn’t gonna fall off easily or on its own, and is 100% preventable.

Try this - adjust your fuel intake - chances are if you’re self isolating you’ll not be burning as many calories as you would normally day to day - so get conscious about how much you’re eating. If the scales start to go up, it’s time to re-jig things.

3 - STAY INSIDE ALL DAY - if you stay inside all day every day, barely talk to anyone, and just mope around the home...your head is getting fried. You’ll become more and more bored, likely eat more and more, and become more and more lazy.

Try This - as of right now (could always change), you’re allowed to go outside for exercise once a day. So do it. Responsibly of course. The impact even going for a half hour walk once a day will have on your HEAD alone is monumental, let alone your health, motivation and life in general

4 - COMFORT EATING AND NETFLIX - sitting around all day, watching tv, eating junk...you know how this story ends. With a fatter, lazier you. If that sounds ‘harsh’ - it’s not - it’s reality. and will be YOUR reality IF YOU let it be

Try this - spend more time planning healthy meals, honing your culinary skills, exercising, doing things to further your career, and less time smashing back choccies while binging on Game of Thrones

5 - LOSE CONTROL - big one this. There’s loads you can’t control right now. https://static.xx.fbcdn.net/images/emoji.php/v9/t44/1/16/1f4a9.png");">? hitting fans all over the place. If you allow yourself to lose control of things that you CAN control though, you’re at massive risk of spiralling into a horrible, horrible pit.

Try this - If you’ve lost control somewhere - maybe your job has gone or changed or you can’t do your normal routine...take control BACK somewhere else.

Get better in the kitchen. Workout. Learn a new language. Be the worlds worst painter. Something to keep you feeling more in control and less like the carpet has been swept from your feet.

To wrap this post up ——>

Self isolation, social distancing, done WRONG is a sure fired way to gain weight, lose fitness, spiral into depressive states, and become the laziest most unproductive version of you that there’s ever been.

Done right...

It’s something that can help FORGE you into a more resilient, healthier, ruthlessly committed person with a bulletproof mentality, who controls their life and makes the very BEST of shituations.

Only YOU get to make the decision on which way you play this.