Why Body Shape Fitness Is An Anti-Coronavirus Zone

  • Update: 18/03/2020

Unless you’re living under a rock, you’re probably aware that the Coronavirus is massively impacting the entire world right now.

We just want to outline how we feel we’ve made Body Shape Fitness an anti-coronavirus zone and why this is the very best option that anyone has to exercise with the current going-ons;

This how we are helping people get fit, healthy and strong in an anti-coronavirus zone:

- We exercise outdoors (we always have), not only does this have MANY health benefits but it also pretty much stops all the transmission in air vapour from person to person!
- We are running stand-alone workouts, where people stay in their own space. This results in there being no risk of spread via passing equipment from person to person or touching the same equipment as someone else.
- Our clients aren’t touching each other and not coming into close contact with one another, as we will spread everyone out.

We believe Body Shape Fitness offers pretty much a zero risk of person to person contamination in our training. Unlike gyms and indoor exercise classes, which in other parts of the world have been completely closed off, this allows people to train, get fit, feel happy, stay healthy and BE SAFE doing so. Knowing that they are much less likely to be spreading and contaminating themselves or others, with any coronavirus.

We feel this is the best option if you feel you need motivation to train, want to feel great, and love the idea of being in great outdoors, especially as the summer is coming.

However you feel about coronavirus right now, keeping your body as fit and healthy as possible is giving yourself the best chance to keep your immune system strong and battling any illnesses that head our way, including Coronavirus.

Wishing everyone a safe and healthy couple of weeks!

The Body Shape Team