How To GUARANTEE You DON’T Get Long Term Results

  • Update: 06/02/2020

How To GUARANTEE You DON’T Get Long Term Results

28 days to go!
27 days to go!
26 days to go!
25 days to go!
24 days to go!
23 days to go!

Only X weeks left now…

If you go through your initial few weeks (however long you decide to ‘start with’), and you’re counting down the days til ‘the end’…

There is about a 1% chance that in 6 or 12 months time you’ll have hit your long term goal or come anywhere close to it

And near on a 99% chance that within a very short period of time after your initial X number of weeks, you’ll have gone back to where you are right now.

As all you’re doing is right from the start, is telling yourself you’re ‘on something’ temporarily. And no one ever got in shape for life temporarily.

Getting and staying in shape long term doesn’t have a definitive end point.

If you’re counting down the days…all you’re doing is looking at an imaginary end point…

A point where you say ‘thank God that’s over, now I can go back to the Doritos and sofa’

I say imaginary, because unless you’re gonna die on the ‘last day’ (hope you don’t by the way lol), it’s most certainly not the end.

If you’re into counting…

Count UP.
Count the number of workouts you complete
Count the number of awesome meals you eat
Count the number of days you stay 80% compliant on your nutrition
Count the number of compliments you get for how smoking hot you’re starting to look
Count the number of times you leave training feeling better than when you arrived
Count the number of weeks this year you workout at least 3 times

Get after it and keep making us proud team!