What A Feeling!

  • Update: 31/01/2020
It's definitely one of the best feelings in the entire world!

The day you realise you are literally warming up by doing something that used to exhaust and knacker you out!

Perhaps doing 10 push ups used to feel like hell on earth, but now, you're doing 10 with ease to help get you fired up for the session to follow...

Perhaps doing a jog for 1 minute used to make you wobbly at the knees and gasping for air, but now, you're sprinting backwards and forwards and barely breaking a sweat...

Perhaps the thought of picking up the 20kg dumbbell used to fill you with dread in fear of your back giving way, but now, you're lifting 20kg like it's nothing...

Whatever it might be and wherever you are on your body transformation journey, you will either have had or will soon be having, this experience!

It fills you with pride and confirms to you that you are making progress and absolutely smashing it!

I personally can't wait for you all to get this feeling time and time again! Keep putting in the incredible effort guys!