Losing Weight Is So SIMPLE! Isn't it?

  • Update: 09/01/2020

It is so simple to lose weight and fat, is it not?

All we've got to do is;

- Exercise 

- Eat healthy

- Do both of the above, consistently?


However... here's just a few things that could go wrong...


- You could exercise for just 2 minutes (not long enough)

- You could exercise for 10 hours (too long)

- You could be exercising 1 day a week (not enough)

- You could be exercising 7 days a week 3 times a day (too much)

- You could exercise with dangerously poor form (could get injured)

- You could be doing the same exercises with the exact same volume every time (no progressive overload, so your body has no reason to adapt and evolve) 

- You could buy a treadmill and run for an hour looking at a white wall (BORING)

SUDDENLY, just 'exercising' doesn't seem all that straight forward.. but what about eating healthy? We know how to do that, right? 

Eat healthy

- You might be eating healthy and still in a calorific surplus (still gaining weight)

- You might be eating salads all day every day (meaning you're consuming good carbs but basically only carbs,  meaning you could start losing muscle which gives us our strength and body shape)

- You might be overconsuming on healthy foods, unaware they have a high calorie content and need to not be eaten in excess

- You might not even know where to begin when it comes to eating healthy and follow a random diet (often depriving, often restrictive, often boring, very unlikely to be sustainable long-term meaning you are unlikely to keep any results you've just gained!)

OK! So, eating healthy may not be as straight forward as it seems to some of you... BUT let's assume you do you know what you need to do to get the body of your dreams regarding exercising and healthy eating... THE NEXT STEP is being CONSISTENT with it OVER TIME!

Consistency over time

- You've decided to start this new diet (diet's are often restrictive and depriving, you will likely get bored and crave the food/drink you're being deprived of, you give in to that craving and then you decide you might as well have another.... etc etc etc... undoing all your hard work)

- You've decided to sign up to a gym and start exercising without any guidance (your form may not be right, you may injure yourself, be unable to exercise for a few months, back to square one or worse). 


You're probably thinking - WHY ARE YOU TELLING ME ALL THIS?!

I'm telling you because I don't want you to do what millions of people will do this year and go through all of the above, get little to no results, lose motivation and time and end up waiting until 2021.

Here at Body Shape Fitness, we can help you achieve the body you've been dreaming of, how?

- We give you structured and co-ordinated training, ensuring you are; lifting with the correct form, continuously progressing, working out at an optimal frequency and enjoy doing so!

- We give you a tailored, individualised, calculated and flexible nutritional programme, which is ACTUALLY ENJOYABLE as we show you how you can eat the 'naughty' things guilt free AND STILL GET RESULTS! 

- We install life skills and habits to be enable you to not only 100% get an amazing transformation in 6 weeks BUT KEEP IT FOREVER! 

- We provide a huge support network to keep motivated and held accountable, to enure you continue the pursuit of your goals!

GET AHEAD in 2020, make this your year, don't waste time, do it right the first time!

I can't wait to see your transformation!