Best Body Transformations of 2019! Rhonda

  • Update: 10/12/2019

Best of 2019! 

How could this amazing transformation from Rhonda, also not find a place as one of our best body transformations from 2019! Amazing result!

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Be like Rhonda! Take one step at a time towards your end goals! Sometimes looking at the whole 'staircase' can appear overwhelming and daunting... if you take it one step at a time and break down the bigger goal into smaller ones, not only does it seem more doable but before you know it you've climbed the entire 'staircase' and reached your end goal!

e.g. say you want to lose 20 lbs...

Focus on losing those first 5 lbs, then once you've achieved that, the next 5 lbs and before you know it those 20 lbs are gone!

Keep up the great work team!