Best Body Transformations of 2019! Sam

  • Update: 09/12/2019

Best of 2019! 

Check out this transformation from Sam who lost a whopping 21.6 pounds on our 6 week challenge!

In his own words...

"Food was my main problem, and I just couldnt stick anything"

We helped sam change ALL OF THAT after joining on to our 6 wk challenge and we showed him:

>> the right foods to eat, not a rabbit food diet, but healthy food and still allowing a bit of what he fancys with the right approach.

>> Trained him at our Group PT sessions in ely - 3 x 45 mins a week! NO ego based stuff, just things that are provedn to get guys fitter, leaner and stronger.

>> Constant support, help and coaching to make sure his resulst were optimal!

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